Empowering crypto users
with spending, transferring
and gifting assets!

As the crypto market expands with explosive growth, Pepay aims to be at the forefront of competitive crypto-to-fiat payment gateway systems. Our platform is powered by the $PePay token, which enables us to offer one of the most powerful and technologically advanced systems for users with minimal fees attached.

Crypto to Fiat
Made Easy

PePay comes as a solution to the imbalance of bridge from crypto assets to fiat transactions. With a non-compulsory KYC Mobile Wallet, instant accessible and transferrable prepaid Visa/Mastercard; Users can benefit highly with an instant solution to spending their crypto investments without the hassle of high fees and declarations.

Powered by $PEPAY

PePay is powered by $PePay token, which allows users an more seamless gateway on spending their crypto with an in-built swap with 0% deposit fees in $PePay. With a Web3 integrated platform, users can instantly swap their assets for $PePay to spend directly from their visa cards, or deposit in one of thousands of other available crypto assets. The likes of Doge, Shiba, Pepe, USDT, BUSD, and ETH are all available for instant deposits.

PePay Solutions

Virtual Card

With our seamless access to virtual cards with minimal fee's, users can swap, save and spend using $PePays inbuilt swap and spend system. Instant access and promoting the decentralised ethics with no KYC required and no questions asked. Simply top up and go.

Digital Wallet

One of the main advantages of mobile wallets over physical cards is their convenience. Uers can store all their payment cards, loyalty cards, and other personal information in one place, and access them easily from their mobile devices. This eliminates the need to carry multiple physical cards, and can make it easier to manage finances on-the-go.


PePay brings on a platform bridge for crypto-to-fiat payments seamlessly with 0% fees. Spend crypto assets directly via PePay virtual card, powered by $PePay. The platform willl compose of 3 stages.
Stage 1: Wallet
Stage 2: Swap
Stage 3: Virtual Card
The platform will be available worldwide and listed on Desktop, Mobile (IOS and Google Play), Telegram Bot API integrated and many others. We will be releasing the beta on desktop and Telegram bot integrated.

Crypto Assets Listing

Crypto tokens that already exist, can simply borrow our utility with fees attached to allow their users to have seamless spendings. We have a team here who can build custom widgets and gateways with card designs to allow your business to flourish.
  • Custom Widgets and Card Designs
  • Access to Payment Gateways
  • Access to Payment Portal with assistance
  • 24/7 Assistance with in-house developer team
  • Set your fees to your own preferences
  • Visa and Mastercard codes supplied
  • Token Listing in our own swap
  • Free Listing on our Swap
  • Lifetime Support


Total Supply: 420,690,000,000,000
  • Presale & LP: 50%
  • Staking: 10%
  • Farming: 10%
  • BitMart (3%)
  • MEXC (3%)
  • LBank (3%)
  • BKEX (3%)
  • Gate.io (3%)
  • Poloniex (3%)
  • Bitget (3%)
  • Huobi (3%)
  • OKX (3%)
  • Bybit (3%)


  • Phase 1

    • Creation of PePay
    • Website Launch
    • Whitepaper Launch
    • Socials Creation and Management
    • E-Commence Plug Ins for PePay Virtual Card
    • Core Team 5+
    • FairLaunch Presale
    • Launch on DEX
    • Listing on CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko
  • Phase 2

    • 1000 Holders
    • Launch of PePay Virtual Card
    • Staking and Farming Pools Launch
    • Bitmart Listing
    • MEXC Listing
    • LBank Listing
    • BKEX Listing
    • Gate.io Listing
    • Poloniex Listing
    • Bitget Listing
    • Huobi Listing
    • OKX Listing
    • ByBit Listing
    • 5000 Holders
  • Phase 3

    • Launch of Physical PePay Card
    • Partnerships with CryptoAssets with PePay Merchant
    • PePay Legal Registration as Entity
    • IOS/Google Play App Launch
    • Cashback Mechants Partnerships
    • PePay POS
    • Listing on Kucoin
    • Core Team 15+
    • 10,000 Holders
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